Who WAS Anita Jean?

Anita Jean is dead.

Anita Jean never was…

Previously I traded under the business name “Anita Jean Photography”, which confused people who expected my name to be Anita. But Anita Jean was not a person.

Anita Jean was the name I gave myself when I didn’t know who I was, and it was in fact the name that my parents had chosen for me before I was born. When they saw the newborn me they realised that the name wasn’t a good fit, so they chose a different one. But when I lost my way as a young person and experienced chronic depression and anxiety, I wondered who the real me was. Maybe I was Anita Jean? That name gave me a persona under which to pursue my photography career.

More than twenty years later I have sought the medical help needed to overcome the effects of Bipolar Type Two, which so limited my enjoyment of life for so long.

At the age of fifty I felt that I finally knew who the real me was, so Anita Jean was laid to rest.