Professional Portrait Headshots

Photo of attractive business woman posed outside with blurred background

You might have a really gorgeous photo of yourself that was taken at your brother’s wedding, but if you have a drink in your hand, or there’s a band in the background, or you’ve had to crop out your ex, then it might not be appropriate for a business profile pic.

More and more people are beginning to realise that the profile photos they upload on LinkedIn, or on their business Facebook page, or other professional sites, need to be top notch to give a good first impression. Because we know that first impressions count, right?

When Alyce came in to the studio in Darkan she brought a couple of different outfits and some accessories. We were able to get a variety of headshots for her by changing up the outfits (business suit or work uniform), location (inside or outside) and accessories (glasses and scarf).
We photographed some traditional ‘head and shoulders’ headshots, as well as some from further away which included more of her body in a vertical format.

Now Alyce has a selection of headshot photos that she can use for her online profile pics. She can use a casual one for Facebook, and a more business-like one for LinkedIn.
If she was single she could use one for a dating profile! Or even give one to her mum to stick on the fridge 🙂