In an Australian Light book shortlisted

Cover of book with the title In an Australian Light with a photo of a white trunked eucalyptus tree in Central Australia, published by Thames and Hudson.

Published by Thames and Hudson, this photo book contains photos sourced from the Austockphoto stock photography library. There are three sections in the book, based around photos of rural, urban, and coastal places.
Three of my photos were chosen to be printed in the book. They were all photographed in Western Australia and they are, not surprisingly, in the rural section.
The first photo was taken near Bremer Bay, off-the Warremurrup Road, just a couple of weeks after a bushfire had burnt through the area in December 2018. The blackened branches of the isopogon bush hold seedpods which have come open to disperse seeds ready to regenerate when the time and conditions are right.
The second photo was taken in Dampier, and shows the shadow of a tree on the wall of an old block of flats that were built for the Pilbara mining boom in the 1970s, but are now mostly vacant.
The third photo, a landscape featuring a view of the gorge in Coalseam Conservation Park near Mingenew, is unfortunately associated with the wrong captain (the left-to-right is muddled up, so for the unsuspecting reader. it appears as somewhere near William Creek in South Australia).

The Indie book awards are for books chosen by independent booksellers in Australia. In an Australian Light has been shortlisted as one of the four finalists in the Illustrated Non-fiction section for 2020, and the winners will be announced on March 23.

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