About Me

The AIPP logo and the words "Accredited Professional Photographer"

I’m Caro (it’s short for Caroline) and I love photographing people.

I am an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. As such I am trained, educated, and skilled as a professional photographer, and I am continually updating my skills by attending industry events. My business has been accredited as complying with industry standards of professionalism.

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I’m a mother, a farmer’s wife, a business owner and a photographer. Living on a farm in the wheatbelt of Western Australia gives me access to lots of rural subjects. My other photography business is Australian Farm Albums, which creates individual custom-designed photo books for farming families. I love driving around the rural areas of Australia and photographing people, and visiting farms.

Photo of Canon 5D mkiii camera with 85mm f1.2 lens

I love photographing people, either in the studio or on location. Studio portraits are more intimate and can be the choice for professional headshots and contemporary beauty photography. Environmental portraits, or portraits on location – for example in a park, at home or in a workplace – are more descriptive of a family or a couple, and are a great choice for children who like to run wild instead of sitting quietly in front of a camera.

Photo of Caro Telfer, photographer, squatting i a not very ladylike position to take a photo.

When I am taking photos I can get a bit carried away, and quite excited about the possibilities. I’m not the fittest person in the gym (well, okay, I’ve never set foot in a gym) but I always feel like I’ve had a good workout after a photo session. My quads get a workout from squatting to get low angles, and my biceps get a workout from lifting up heavy cameras and lenses. My knees aren’t what they used to be, so sometimes after I’ve been lying on my belly to get an awesome low angle shot I appreciate a hand to get back on my feet.

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When I’m not shooting photos for families or businesses, I don’t put my camera down. Instead, I find ideas for stock photography, and I am a founding contributor to the exclusively Australian stock photo library Austockphoto